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Dear Giovannis,


To whom it may concern,

I wanted to congratulate your company as a whole for the most incredible pizza experience that I have ever had. The Buffalo Chicken Pizza that you produce is the best pizza on the market. You have truly achieved the optimal pizza. I am very interested in purchasing a small quantity of this pizza. Would that be possible?

Thank you again. Sincerely, Roberto

Dear Giovanni's Pizza,

This past weekend while visiting a friend of mine, we baked one of your frozen pizzas for dinner.  I was amazed at he flavor and crispyness of the crust.  Your sauce was incredible, and I instantly declared it my favorite all-time frozen pizza.  I was surfing around on your website, and am wondering where can I purchase your pizzas?  I am located in Blaine MN, and am not sure which grocery or convenience stores you are located in.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Also, do you have t-shirts for sale?

Thank You,

"New found love for Giovanni's fan",

Sam Rutherford

"I had to try a 12" Four Meat and words can not describe how good it was I have to honestly say it is the best frozen pizza I ever had and I have had them all. I'll talk to you soon!"
Many thanks!


 "The Chicken Alfredo is the best frozen pizza in my whole section!"

Manager; Frozen Food Dept.
Wal-Mart Supercenter... Baxter, Mn

"Giovanni's is the best Premium Thin Crust Pizza in my set. It is a top seller!"

Trevor Nichols
Frozen Food Manager
Cub Foods..... Brainerd, Mn

"Giovanni's Pizza has been a huge success at our hotel! The guests love them. It's become a great revenue source!"

Zane Johnson
Assistant Manager
Days Inn... Nisswa, Mn

"Wow! I had a pepperoni and loved it, thank you! The sauce had a new taste to it that was different from other frozen pizzas. And the cheese browned up real nice in the oven. I'll be looking for more of your products next time. I have a 15 year old son and I'm going to have him try it too."

Steve Moore

"Well folks I don’t e-mail companies for a living but I have to just let you know for about the last three years we have purchased your pizzas. WOW! I have to tell you I have told probably 20 to 25 people “Buy a Giovannis pizza if you like frozen pizzas” Tonight I was at the store and saw a lady looking at brand x and I told her to give your pizza a try. I just wanted to tell you that you make a great pizza and don’t ever change. Thank you"

Al Taylor

"I found your frozen pizza in St. Paul last summer. I've wanted to email you folks ever since. Giovanni's is the best frozen pizza I've ever had, bar none. Please don't change a thing!I only have to drive two miles to pick 'em up. By the way, a life long friend of mine owns a pizzaria here in Minneapolis right by my house, I'd never tell him this but I eat your pizza now and hardly ever order his anymore. Keep up the good work!!"

D J.

"This is the absolutely best pizza I have had. We found out about your pizza through a friend. We picked up two last night and cooked them at my parents. They loved them and are going to buy a couple today. We had Pizza Hut the night before and your pizza was way better! I just wanted to let you know how happy we are that we found Giovanni's! My boyfriend is from Chicago and is a specialist on pizzas. We try all different one when we are in different cities and states. To my amazement this is his favorite frozen pizza."



"I would like to thank you for your expeditious handling of my recent order. Even with the 16” snow storm we had I got my order today. I ended up giving my UPS driver one because I felt so bad about the driving conditions. The order was neatly packaged and well marked for shipment. As I told you when “I” finally found you on the web, it was one of the few things that I looked forward to on my trips to Pequot. When I ordered it at the Hotel I really thought that it was take out and that no way could it be Frozen due to the fact that you could tell how fresh the ingredients were. I hope that you decide to keep marketing these Pizzas online. I know that I plan on continuing to purchase them."

Roger C. Groth,

"I knew there was a Giovanni's in Brainerd, and have to say I have not eaten there but absolutely LOVE your frozen pizza's!!!! They are the most incredible pizza I have ever bought frozen and the toppings are so generous! I could eat them every night! Do you ever have coupons? I buy them often or is it more reasonable to buy them direct? I get them for about $4.50 a pizza. They are the best!!! I would love to let the world know that but don't know what steps to take other than word of mouth."


Shelley Wieczorek

"I just wanted to write and tell you that you have, hands down, the best frozen pizza that I've ever had. And I've had just about every brand out there. It reminds me of the take away pizza my father would bring home on Friday nights back in the early 70's when I was a child. Thanks!"

John Freeman

"Hello, I tried my first Giovanni’s frozen pizza last Thursday. I had another on Sunday and am just finishing my third one tonight.Your pizza is without a doubt the best frozen pizza on the market today. The crust cooks up thin and crispy (with no doughy spots like many competitors), the sauce has some nice “zip” , the pepperoni is obviously high quality, and the cheese is plentiful.  You folks have created the perfect frozen pizza!"

Jeff Hanson
Apple Valley, MN

"My name is Jolene, my husband & I live in Park Rapids. We stop by the American Legion here in town to have a pizza because we love it. Then one night we stopped at T&M Express for some misc. items and my husband came out with ........a Giovanni's Pizza. I was so excited. We won't ever buy a frozen pizza from anywhere now that we know we can get our favorite at T&M Express. Are we able to buy Giovanni's by the case, assorted or otherwise? Please advise. So happy to see them in town. Thank You."

Jolene Herberg

"I seriously don't even order delvery pizza anymore...your pizza is just better than any others period!"

Chris Rohrer

"Just a note to tell you how good your pizza is. I've tried them all, and yours is by far my # 1 choice...good job."

McGregor, MN

"We really enjoy your pizza! i went online to read more about you and your history. we plan on have giovanni's deluxe pizza for the super bowl party!! good job!!"


"Great pizza! I have never had a better frozen Pizza.........thanks much!.....I'm telling everyone I can. I get them in the Cities..... I'm curious where else I can get them cause I'll go wherever I need to to get them."

Aaron Hatz

"It isn’t often that I purchase prepared foods and even less often that I actually enjoy the prepared foods. What a wonderful surprise you had for us when we baked one of your Sausage and Pepperoni frozen pizzas- it was actually good – very good!! We purchased the pizza in Bismarck, ND, last night and I am on my way back up there to purchase more. I can hardly wait to let my friends and family know about your fine product. Thank you very much!"

Teri Stone

"Thank you for personally responding to my e-mail inquiry.

I will make a point of going to the Kowalski's in St. Paul to buy your pizza and to tell them that I am shopping at their store because they carry Giovanni's pizza.

I am sorry to learn that Lunds/Byerly's decided to no longer carry your pizza. I have tried all of the other frozen brands, such as Jack's, Red Barron, and all the others, and your frozen pizza's are by far the best (your pizza's have generous amounts of toppings and cheese). And I always felt good about buying your pizza as I felt I was supporting a Minnesota-based corporation... So I will be sure to shop at Kowalski's to get your Giovanni's pizza.

Thank you again, Thor, for your kind reply."
Eagan, MN

 Hi Giovanni's Crew, 
"Just had to tell you we tried your Deluxe Pizza last night and my husband, who doesn't care for any pizza, commented on how good it was! Good on you, mates! I'll be able to serve pizza more often now.We found you at the new Pamida store."

Best wishes for continued sucess. 
A. Bailey 

Hello, I love your pizza's and used to get them at the Dug Out Bar in Mahtomedi MN. I've moved to SC and was wondering if it's possible to order a case and have it shipped here."

Please reply either way. 
Mike Bussert 

"I bought my first one a couple weeks ago at Cub Foods West in St.Cloud.  Chuck, a frozen/dairy manager guy, said
they were pretty good, but relatively unknown so far.
I've bought more since then, have one cooking right now.
Whatever you're doing with the seasonings - it's working.  Great job.
This is probably the second time in my life that I've ever contacted any manufacturer or producer.  
But these
deserve congratulations."
Duane A. 

"I just read all the comments on your pizza...and I cannot add anything more. Your pizza (Deluxe) is FABULOUS. I got it at Falkowski's grocery in Virginia, MN. Please don't change ANYTHING."

Virginia, MN



We bought your pizza at a gas station, and now it's the only frozen pizza my husband wants me to buy. The only problem, I can't find it anywhere else. And the gas station we got it at, is not close to our house. Could you tell me where your pizzas are available near me? I live by Superior Wisconsin and Duluth Minnesota. Thanks!!!
Jen L.

I love Giovanni's frozen pizza!  Can I order direct?  I need my Giovanni's pizza.  It's the best.

Chris and Kathy

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